Municipality of the District of Digby

Digby Wellfield Area Zone

Originally adopted in 2003 and update in 2014, these planning documents regulate land use in the vicinity of the wellfield area which provides water to the Town of Digby water supply system. The wellfield is located in the Mount Pleasant area.

The general intent of the Strategy and By-law are to protect the quality of ground water resources by means of land use control. The boundaries of the wellfield area have been identified through engineering assessment and modeling. Zones have been established in relation to the location of wellheads and separation distances from wellheads. The wellfield includes areas which contribute to production and recharge as well as potential future expansion areas.

A broad range of residential, commercial recreation and agricultural land uses are permitted within the wellfield area. More stringent regulation has been applied to lands located closest to wellheads. The Strategy and By-law do identify, regulate and in some instances prohibit certain land uses which represent a risk of groundwater contamination. A Municipal Development Permit is required for all activities located within the wellfield area.

pdf Digby WPA LUB Zoning Map Oct 15 2015 (1.08 MB)

pdf Digby Wellfield Protection Area MPS Approved Oct 2015 (221 KB)

pdf Digby Wellfield Protection Area LUB Aproved Oct 2015 (186 KB)

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